Die Verboten Schatzgrube: World of the Lost

A campaign set in Rafael Chandlers' "World of the Lost".

Although you can't tell what's exactly like the book and what's something I made up from things in the book just by reading this, you still definitely shouldn't read this if you want to be surprised by World of the Lost as a player someday.

The Adventurers began as four Germans who were intending to steal silver from a forbidden temple, hence the name "Die Verboten Schatzgrube": in English that means "the forbidden treasure trove".

None of those four Germans survived, however. By the end of the campaign the Adventurers were an English Magic-User called Gerald, a French Specialist named Edith, a Moroccan Specialist by the name of Nasr, and a Nigerian Magic-User named Edoni.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Playtest Document 0.1 were used for the core rules. Wonder & Wickedness replaced the usual spell system, and also provided the magic items. Every Magic-User started with "Summon" and two other spells. There were no Clerics.

Narcosa was used for several important detours, and a number of potions were taken from Goblin Punch. There was an encounter with something wonderful and terrible from Fire on the Velvet Horizon.

Our Adventurers arrive in Khirima. They become involved with diamonds after a night of heavy drinking, meet the Minister of Finance, and take a boat trip.

After being joined by a wayward Englishman the Adventurers are tasked with making an odd delivery in exchange for a very special favor. There are complications and difficulties involving both baboons and demons as they traverse the vast jungle, eventually using a novel method.

Dietrich and Baldwin encounter a sorcerer, use up a whole bottle of lamp oil, and try to subdue a hyena. They return to Khirima after encountering some trouble near Akabo, then recover something from a fountain , and also learn quite a bit about the Edo faith.

Gerald, Baldwin, and Dietrich go to a strange place, and help someone there cope with their family troubles. Two of them are joined by a new friend after an old one is taken to an even stranger place. They acquire several very interesting souvenirs.

The adventurers encountered numerous predators (one of their own included), and were caught up in a most terrible wizards' duel before being temporarily entombed deep within the earth. There was also a visit to a library, & some assistance given to a young widow.

Edoni, Dietrich, and Gerald travel back to Khirima with something they all hate more than anything else in the world.

One French woman dies, and another lives. The slug is given a due process. Gerald drinks several unusual things. 

At long last the adventurers enter the forbidden plateau: A raft is made, and a statue is found. Dietrich interacts with a crocodile. A stranger gets lost, and then becomes a friend.

The hippo is provoked. A new friend makes a sudden exit, and a new friend is then made. All experience a remarkable change in a strange location, and some gain a new ability because of it.

Session 10: Among Family

Continued interludes along the river, some nearly pleasant, as the adventurers continue onward towards the Temple. Gerald and Edoni learn about those similar to them, and all travel to a new home to learn its customs.

Sessions 11 & 12: The Lancing of the Boil
The Adventurers reach the interior of the Temple of Ages That Are Not, after meeting a Druid. Edoni tries to summon something.

Sessions 13 & 14: Human Time
The Adventurers return to Khirima, and then return to the plateau, and ultimately the Temple once again. They encounter some unexpected visitors there.

Sessions 14 & 15: At the Expense of All Creation
The Adventurers are besieged with anomalies, and inadvertently contribute to a stark reduction in the global human population.

Sessions 15 & Epilogue: The New World After

The Adventurers escape against all odds, and flee to the world beyond.

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