Diluvialis: Deep Carbon Observatory

Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Playtest Document 0.1 were used for the core rules. I made some alterations to the Fighter class. I replaced the usual spell system with something I cobbled together from Necropraxisthese "Dying Earth" style spells, cast using his 2d6 casting ideaarcane stress, and chaos leaks. That'll be detailed in its own post, sometime between now and the future. 

There is also an Arquebusier class available, though I haven't posted it as of right now and one has chosen it yet either. The "Doctor" class created by Patrick Stuart and detailed in The Undercroft #9 is also available to the players, though none have chosen it yet. The Quickly Equipped Murderhobo was used to give each adventurer a background and small collection of gear unrelated to adventuring. There are no Clerics. This is how poison saves will workI'm also using a variation on the new experience system from Green Devil Face 5, yet another thing I'll be detailing in some point.

The party began as the Butcher and Magic-User Orick Verdun, the 
Candle-Maker and Fighter Victor Grey, the Blacksmith and Specialist Catherine d' Ambray, and the Scholar and Specialist Talon de Fry.

Session 1: Things Lost in the Flood
The survivors of recent disaster have become Adventurers, and now head towards the ruins of a great dam through a ruined city, a place destroyed by the same catastrophic flood that has taken everything else from them. A naked man is comforted by a blacksmith, a butcher gets involved in funeral services, a candlestick maker watches an old man die, and a scholar pulls a blade on an orphan.

Session 2: Have You Seen My Son?
Puttering about in the muck of a ruined city, a scholar confronts the manticore, a blacksmith flees a woman seeking a lost child, a butcher interrupts a meal among friends, and a candle-maker is shot in the back.
Squid are boiled to avoid starvation by some, while what smells like pork is eaten by some others. Session 3: Big Fish & Little Fish
A candle-maker mocks the dead in the shadow of a church, and a butcher goes fishing for incense. A scholar finds an old sarcophagus, and a blacksmith goes for a swim after gold, and they all now travel outside the ruins of the city, and towards the broken dam.

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