Monday, October 19, 2015

Magic Missile Appearance Table

From the Lamentations of the Flame Princess core book:

"Magic Missile
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 60'+10'/level

A missile of magical energy shoots forth from
the caster’s fingertip and strikes its target...Each Magic-User’s Magic Missile is unique in appearance and always looks the same."

So, what does yours look like? Roll 1d8, 1d20, and 1d4.

  1. a glittering
  2. an iridescent
  3. a luminescent
  4. a shiny and metallic
  5. a translucent
  6. a most vivid and clearly visible
  7. a hazy, smoky
  8. a shadowy and indistinct

  1. winged phallus (or if that's a bit much, fish)
  2. carnivorous worm, with teeth bared,
  3. fist-sized cherubim
  4. hunters arrow, coated in blood,
  5. symmetrical blossoming rose
  6. clump of tangled and dirty hair
  7. triangle of licking flames
  8. constellation of floating teeth
  9. human head, the size of an apple,
  10. honeybee, larger than a pear,
  11. lump of coal, in the shape of a disc,
  12. trio of miniature swords
  13. ball of moist, fertile soil
  14. disembodied, undulating tongue
  15. pair of severed crossed fingers
  16. buzzing plague locust in mid flight
  17. slack-jawed cat skull
  18. horsefly, bigger than your palm,
  19. blackbird, arrayed as if battling another,
  20. thundercloud, surrounding an unblinking eye,

  1. that explodes upon impact like gunpowder.
  2. that sears, singes, and burns its' target like flame.
  3. that lacerates and rips the flesh of whatever it touches.
  4. that collides into foes with a great force, like a thrown stone.